Sunday, November 7, 2010

San Luis Obsipo Condos for First Time Home Owners

Condos in San Luis Obispo are always for sale, but according to local Real Estate Sales the condo market is at it's hottest between the months of January till the end of May. In fact, roughly 90% of all condos go into escrow during this time frame.

So if your thinking of buying a condo in the near future know that your largest inventory and best time to buy is just around the corner. Interest rates are still low and first time home buyer programs make Condos a great investment for the future with very little down. FHA programs only need 3% down making it very affordable either as a personal residence or as an investment property.

I bought a three bedroom Condo while I was going to Cal Poly SLO in 1998, I rented the other 2 rooms out and my mortgage was almost paid for from the rent of my two housemates. Today the home is an income property and still has Cal Poly renters, it pays for itself and then some.

If you're a first time home buyer and have questions about how much down payment you would need for a Condo or Home, I'm here to be your resource. Condos are not complicated or tricky. They give you the flexibility of being a home owner with less maintenance to worry about like yard work, maintaining the exterior paint and roof; typically paid with your home owners fees.

Let's talk about if it is the right fit for you;
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