Thursday, December 29, 2011

Traci's Your Realtor for it all...

Traci's your San Luis Obispo Realtor for it all...

Yesterday I got a call from a potential buyer who found my information on a sign I have at my listing on Royal Way in San Luis Obispo. Anne called to learn more about my listing and she was asking all the right questions.  We got into the property details and she was happy to hear all of the information I was giving her about the property.  But, as we were talking, I was not only giving her info she was asking about but I was asking her questions to get a sense of what her objectives are in her next home purchase.

But the reason for this Blog post is because while I was talking to Anne I wasn't just regurgitating the information about the home. Rather, we got into discussing the current housing market and the pro's and con's of living in the San Luis Obispo area.  I want my current and future clients to know that my job as your Realtor is to not only helping you find a home but to be a beacon for ALL aspects of housing.  That can include current housing market, moving, repairs, consultants, San Luis Obispo city & county items, schools, local amenities and calendar events in the area.  It's my job to be "In the Know".   I'm happy to share my knowledge and information to better your life and your families life.  Let me be your resource for these things.  I am just a phone call away.  In the epic words of Tom Cruise in Jerry Maguire, " Help me , Help you..."

Your realtor is your resource for your neighborhood and lifestyle!

"A Realtor that knows homes."

Traci Ferguson

License #01875751, ecoBroker #16082