Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Are you on the Home Buying Grid?

Did you know you could afford your own home?
I know what you are thinking, NO WAY! I don't make enough money!

As a Real Estate resource to my clients and friends,  I have put together a scenario that will illustrate how I believe you too can live the American dream and be a home owner.

To buy a $200,000 home you would need to make $55K annually for a 32% housing ratio. The housing ratio is the percentage you spend on your housing costs. $55K annual income can be between a couple making $13.25 an hour each, or $26.50 an hour for a single person.
I just did a search for Homes/Condos/PUD properties under $200,000 in SLO County and came up with 88 of them. Get yourself and your family started on one of the best investments around, a home purchase. Ask me about the great programs that can help you get into your own home with as little as 3% down in some cases.

This moment in our economy is a turning point in housing for all of us. In front of us is an opportunity to live the American Dream and be a part of the best investment that you can possibly make, long term. The decline in Interest Rates and Housing prices have opened the door to a new group of working class people that CAN afford to buy their first home.

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