Monday, November 8, 2010

First Time Home Buyers Tips_San Luis Obispo

As a first time home buyer don't let information overload get the best of you! Today I want to share some tips to keep you focused and motivated to find your first home in San Luis Obispo with ease.


Defining your search Parameters as a First Time Home Buyer

Begin on the Internet. Learn about the neighborhoods you like and can see yourself living in. With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can search through hundreds of neighborhoods and homes, view virtual tours, sort through dozens of photographs and aerial shots. Once you've found the location in San Luis Obispo County, call me to get a list of homes in the area you like. I can send you a detailed list of Condos/ Homes/ Townhomes/ Land, to begin your search for your first home. Click here to get a customized Free Home Search, just for you.


How Long Should It Take to Buy Your First Home? 

A motivated first time home buyer will find a home within two weeks. I'll listen to your wants, needs and arrange to show only those homes that fit your particular parameters. I'll also preview the homes before showing them to you. My job is to not waste your time looking at every home out there, just the homes that fit your needs. 


Rate the homes you've seen:
  • Bring a digital camera and begin each series of photos with a close-up of the house number to identify each home and take photos of the interior an exterior of the parts you want to remember.
  • Take detailed notes of unusual features, colors and design elements. (Ask me for your own "Home Search Sheet" to keep track and stay organized.)
  • Pay attention to the neighborhood surroundings. What's next door? Do 2-story homes tower over your single story?
  • Do you like the location? Is it near a park or a power plant?
  • Immediately after leaving, rate each home on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the best.


Take a Second look at your top choices:

Once you have toured homes for a couple of weeks, revisit your top three. You will instinctively know which homes are perfect for you. Request to go back to the home and see it with a new set of eyes, you will always see new items you didn't see the first go-around. Be discriminating and rate the home again from 1-10 with 10 being the best. Ask yourself, "Is this the home for me? Does it meet all my needs?


Making a home selection:

In the end you make the home selection on your own. As your Realtor I will guide you through the pros and cons of the homes you've seen and liked, but I will not steer you into picking a certain home. I want you to pick with out any interference from me. My job is to make sure you feel confident about the home choice you have made and the home meets your needs.

So this is what you can expect from your home buying experience with me. It doesn't need to be overwhelming or difficult. The plan above will help you through the easiest home buying experience possible. I'm here to help you through it!  Click here to get a customized Free Home Search, just for you. Or sign up on my website to get my new Book; Real Estate Made Simple, Primarily for the First Time Home Buyer, By Traci Ferguson. It will be out at the end of Feb 2011.

Give me a call today or email me. I'd love to find your first home!


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