Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Serra Meadows - Money Saving Green Features

Serra Meadows - Money Saving Green Features

I'm so proud to be sharing the green features of the Serra Meadows Development in San Luis. I'm very excited about them because they save you money every month on your utilities and these features come as no added cost to you as the buyer, all of it is included with the home. Also don't forget, I am an ecoBroker and have the knowledge to tell you about many of the Green benefits the project has to offer. Please lean on me with any questions about them.

Exterior Green Features
 -  Solar Panels, that will provide up to 3.43 kW of free energy
 -  Low-E Windows provide energy savings and insulate from direct sunlight
 -  Engineered lumber harvested sustainably
 -  Permeable Paving on driveways & walkways allows water to return back into the ground
 -  Drought Tolerant Landscaping is native to the area and needs less water
 -  Smart Irrigation Timer waters plants when they need it

Interior Green Features
 -  Tankless Water heater, Energy Start Rated gives you hot water on demand
 -  U.S. made cabinets, reduce the buildings carbon foot print
 -  Water saving fixtures in kitchen faucets and shower heads, reduce your water usage
 -  Fluorescent lighting throughout, uses less electricity overall
 -  Low-VOC Paint, creates a safe and healthier indoor air quality environment
 -  Low-VOC Carpeting and Flooring, reduce the amount of off gassing from most glues and binders
 -  Insulation in the walls from CertainTeed are made from renewable plant based materials
 -  Programable Thermostat provides comfort and energy savings

These are some of the many added benefits of buying a Serra Meadows Home. If you'd like to be updated with any new developments in the project, please subscribe to my newsletter and I will keep you posted. Put the Phrase "Serra Meadows" in the  How did you hear of me? section of the form.

I look forward to being your realtor in your next home purchase.

"A Realtor that knows homes."

Traci Ferguson

License #01875751, ecoBroker #16082

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