Friday, August 3, 2012

Sell Your San Luis Obispo Home in Today's Market!

Sell Your San Luis Obispo Home in Today's Market!

Well, I am truly asking EVERYONE if they know of anyone looking to sell because we are literally running out of available homes to show buyers in the San Luis Obispo area.

Buyers, more than ever are clamoring and making multiple offers on great San Luis Obispo County homes. If you have been thinking about selling your home, now is a great time to sell and possibly upgrade into that home of your dreams. Here's a list of the Top-5 Reasons to put your home on the market.

1.  Be a Move up Seller...
If you want a larger or smaller home, you can sell and purchase the home of your dreams at a discount. If you move into a more desirable home now at the beginning of the upswing of the housing market, you will be in a position to gain larger equity as prices eventually appreciate.

2.  Inventory is at a 20 year LOW & demand is HIGH. It’s a sellers market... 
We have over 30% LESS homes available for purchase from this time last year. Buyer interest is high for any home put on the market. Just over 40% of listings in the MLS are currently UNDER CONTRACT and in escrow. Sell your home quickly and potentially receive multiple offers. Potentially putting more cash in your pocket.

3.  Interest Rates are still under 4% - Buyers are out shopping...
With low inventory and many buyers wanting to purchase, renters are even looking to purchase their first home with rents being comparable to monthly mortgages. This creates a larger pool of buyers available to buy. This is also what is creating multiple offer situations fro most homes on the market today.

4.  Distressed Property competition is lower than ever...
Bank owned property and Short Sale homes aren't a thing of the past yet, but their numbers have diminished significantly. Regular sale properties can now sell in a market where the crappiest bank owned home is not a comparable price point for their beautiful home. The diminishing distressed properties also allow home prices to rise with buyer demand, giving way to higher purchase prices.

5.  Selling your home in this market is perfect timing...
If you are considering selling, do not allow naysayers or negative media opinion shape your view of the housing market. As a realtor in the daily housing trenches, I see San Luis Obispo moving into a strong recovery and with a great future ahead. Take this opportunity while everyone else is listening to the negativity to be ahead of the pack. Timing couldn't be more perfect to pull the trigger.

I hope knowing this has been helpful. If you are want to sell your home, an opportunity is knocking to get top dollar for your property. Call me today to learn more.

"A Realtor that knows homes."

Traci Ferguson

License #01875751, ecoBroker #16082

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