Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Refinancing to a Shorter Loan Time Frame

Refinancing to a Shorter Loan Time Frame

Changing the length of your mortgage time frame can save you big money. Interests rates are still very low and if you haven't reaped the benefits of Refinancing your home to a 3.5-4.5% interest rate, Do it! Many people refinance their home with another 30 year loan. But while you are talking to your lender, see if choosing a shorter time frame on your loan may save you money and possibly keep your payments close to where they are now.

I know you like examples like I do and I think this paints a vivid picture:
A current loan on your home of:
$400K at 5.75% interest for 30 years is $2,334.29 monthly

Refinancing the same amount for a lower interest rate and shorter terms looks like this:
$400K at 3.75% interest for 20 years is $2,371.55 monthly.

By adjusting the interest rate and the length of your mortgage you are paying almost exactly the same amount monthly, but the 10 years you took off the loan time frame has saved you over $271,172.13 in interest payments. $ 97,713.67 was saved in interest by doing a 20 year loan and $173,458.46 was saved by refinancing to a lower interest rate.  Isn't that Incredible!

Use my mortgage calculator to see what your monthly payment could be with a shorter time frame. Talk to your lender today to see if you qualify to do a refinance and if you can lower your length of the loan. Contact me if you need a lender referral. You will save yourself Mucho Dinero!

Remember, I'm always available for any of your referrals. Contact me today!

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