Thursday, August 16, 2012

Refinancing Your San Luis Obispo Home Today Could Mean BIG Savings

Refinancing Your San Luis Obispo Home Today Could Mean BIG Savings

I'm sure you've heard interest rates are low and dropping. But what does that mean to you? Why should you care? By doing a quick mortgage calculation to see what your savings could be, it could mean extra money monthly for you and your family. I recently had my home refinanced (a Refi) and I'd like to to fill you in on the financial benefits.

We live in San Luis and our mortgage loan wasn't bad, 5.375%, but the interest rates that are currently available are like borrowing free money. There are rates in the low 3%'s that could save us hundreds of dollars a month. Here's a simple example to show you how a small drop in two percent of our mortgage interest saved us a ton of money.

On our mortgage loan of $400,000 for 30 years at 5.375% our monthly mortgage, not including our Property taxes, was $2,239.88. The loan for the same amount at an interest rate of 3.375% our monthly mortgage is now $1,768.38. The 2% difference in the interest rate is saving us monthly $471.50.  That is a large amount of savings a month!

A good rule of thumb is if your current interest rate on your home is more than 1% higher than the current rates, it's financially worth it to Refi your home. You have a loan for 4.25% and rates are currently at 3.25%, call your broker. Many brokers can also give you estimates on what your monthly savings would be and what the cost is to Refi. On our Refi the cost to do it was added into the mortgage loan so we had no out of pocket expenses. A huge plus. Call your mortgage broker today to see if you can save money on your interest rate. You will be so glad you did.

If you are looking for a great Mortgage Broker to help you with your Refi, please email me for a referral in your area. I'm here to help!

Click here to access a link to a Mortgage Loan Calculator to see how much you can save! You're Welcome...

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