Wednesday, December 1, 2010

San Luis Obsipo Real Estate - Income Property Ideas!

If you are a Real Estate Investor, own Rental Property or Commercial Property in San Luis Obispo; how can you increase the income you're getting from your property? Well, read below.

We are all looking for ways to increase income in our resent market conditions in San Luis County. Sometimes the possibilities are right in front of us. Take a moment and look at your commercial property or rental property with a new set of eyes, to see if you can spot any changes that could make you some extra rental income. 
Sometimes owners of rental properties fail to see some obvious money making opportunities in their own buildings. I like to call these updates or changes to increase you income, " Revenue Enhancement Opportunities", for Example:
  • If you have an extra storage unit could it be converted to a better income unit than its current use? Could it be modified to an office space for a small business? It could have potential for rent in the hundreds of dollars a month. 
  • Do you have a parking garage that has odd shaped corners that are not suitable for parking? Are there potential storage areas that could be rented out to tenants or small businesses?
  • Areas of a building that are used for centralized mechanical systems could be consolidated to add a small rentable space.
  • An area like an inside refuse area used for all tenants can be moved to the outside of the building. Freeing up that space to be built out to a small office, conference room or rented as storage.
Tour your San Luis Obispo income property with a new perspective to find additional income streams to build your revenue enhancement opportunities. There are numerous opportunities to add rental income without expensive additions to the property.

If you are looking for a rental property or  an income opportunity, email me today to get a list of income producing properties for San Luis Obispo County.  Or go to my website and fill in the Home Search form under my video page.

I'm "Your Realtor that Knows Homes".

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