Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Savvy Buyers are looking for High-Impact Homes For Sale!

Savvy Buyers are looking for High-Impact Homes For Sale!

Even in low-inventory markets like San Luis Obispo, today's buyers are looking for High-Impact amenities in homes.
Here's how can you catch the eye of savvy buyers with these additions to your home that are affordable and have maximum impact.

  • Add USB outlets in areas of the home that don't typically have USB ports. Many people use their computer all over the house. Adding outlets in the kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms are convenient will also appeal to the younger tech savvy buyer.
  • Update wiring for a flat screen TV and internet on a wall of the living room. Most buyers have flat screens that will be mounted on the wall. Give them the ease of moving in without having to do this part themselves.
  • Make a small kitchen look bigger by adding mirrors at the back splash area to bounce light and dimension. Or add some additional prep space by adding an island or island on wheels. You only need 30" in between the counter and an island. Having this option is always appealing to buyers.
  • Replace door knobs and front door hardware to give the house a fresh and newer look. Choose a style that is in keeping with the style of your home and replace them. This fix can be done by you in under a couple of hours. It's money well spent!
I hope these suggestions were helpful and add to your ideas of how to get your home ready to sell with the highest impact.

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