Tuesday, April 30, 2013

How Much Does It Cost To Sell My House?

How Much Does It Cost To Sell My House?

Home sellers on the central coast of California are curious on how much it costs to sell their house and what fees are associated with selling their house.  This will give you a good estimate on what to expect when you list your home for sale. The fees in selling your home are approximately 1%-3% of the sale price of the home to cover the closing cost fees, including title and escrow fees. 5-6% for Realtor Commissions and some small Additional Fees that would be  based on exactly when you close escrow.

The Escrow Fees covered are the following:
1. County Transfer Fees
2. Title Insurance
3. Half the Escrow Fee - (Typically it's a fee shared with the buyer)
4. Natural Hazard Disclosure Report - NHD
5. HOA Transfer Fees - (If you are in a Condo, PUD or Association)
6. 1-Year Home Warranty
7. Termite Inspection
8. Drawing of Deeds
9. Misc. Fees

Realtor Commission
Depending on the negotiated realtor commission you will be paying 5-6% of the purchase price. You as the seller typically pay all of this fee. Depending on the your state, these fees may vary. Don't skimp on these fees. Remember 1/2 the Realtor Commission goes to the buyers agent. A listing with low commission rates may give the buyers agent an impression you aren't easy to work with or the agent may not show your home to prospective buyers. Starting off on a good foot with the right impression is a winning strategy to start with.

Additional Fees to consider:
1. Property Taxes Owed
2. Mortgage Loan Balances
3. Interest Owed on Loans
4. HOA Dues Owed (If you are in a Condo, PUD or Association)
5. Costs for Repairs - Termite, Home Inspection results

If you are considering selling your home, ask your realtor to get you a Sellers Net Sheet from a Title & Escrow company. This sheet will give you actual costs associated with each of the itemized fees I have in this Blog.  Once you get the numbers together you will have a better understanding of what your bottom line will be. When you are ready to put your home on the Central Coast Market, give me a call to discuss getting a Net Sheet and starting the process. I'm here to help!

Please leave a comment if you feel this was helpful. Or share this with friends and family. I always appreciate your referral business.

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