Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What Income Should You Have to Get The Home You Want?

Your level of income is only one piece of qualification puzzle when you are in the market for the home of your dreams. Lenders will review other things, such as your credit score and your total amount of debt, when considering you for a loan. Remember, your debt takes away a big part of your income. So even if you meet the lenders general guidelines for income level, you'll be denied if you are paying too much money toward your other debts (because you would have less money left over each month to put toward a mortgage payment).

There are a few factors, but you can use 30% as a rule of thumb. In other words, most lenders want your annual income to equal around 30% of your mortgage amount. So based on this rule of thumb, if you wanted to qualify for a mortgage loan of $300,000, you would need an annual income in the neighborhood of $90,000. If a married couple makes $45,000 each, they should qualify for a $300,000 loan. Your lender can work with your individual situation to get you the largest loan possible.
There are numerous types of loans and ways to qualify. Some first time buyer loans make it very easy to qualify with little money down. Some FHA loans require as little as 3-4% down payment.

It's important to shop around for loans and lenders. Large banks may offer different loan packages than smaller local banks or brokerages. It's important to shop for your loan and see what choices you have. Ask your Realtor for referrals to lenders in your area.

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