Thursday, February 17, 2011

I Just Got Audited in San Luis Obispo!

I Just Got Audited in San Luis Obispo!
Today our home got a Whole House Energy Audit.  Thank you Try Spindler and Paul Manconi from Central Coast Green House who came to give us a free Home Energy Audit, paid for through PG&E. Our local non profit Sustainable organization, SLO Green Build, has set up this great offer to home owners to give free energy audits to show home owners where they can save money on their Heating, Cooling and Water usage. This is essential to saving monthly on your utility bills. The process involves numerous steps and took about 4 hours total.
A Blower Door fan was installed on the front door to negatively pressurize the home to test where air was leaking from. The biggest air leakers are windows, vents and air ducts. Even our light switches were leaking air. It's Crazy!
This Photo is of our ceiling vent. The thermal photo imagery shows that the vent is leaking cold air from the attic into the home and is wasting energy. Bad vent...bad!
Jamie Hendrickson from the local Mutual Water company came by to check for leaks in our toilets and the Gallons of water we use on average. The blue dye was put on the bowl to see if any water was leaking from under the lip of the bowl. She called it a "silent leak" that can cost you numerous dollars a year in added water costs.

Next week we will be getting the results of all of the testing to see how our home stacks up. They will also tell us where and how to improve the Energy Efficiency in our home and save on our Utility bills.
I can't wait!:)

To learn how you can get a free Energy Audit done on your home talk to your local green/ sustainable organizations or your Gas & Electric Companies. There are state and government incentives available to home owners. Or call your local Energy Auditors, they are about $450 for your home evaluation and well worth every penny. Heck, they may save you that much in utility bills.

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  1. Dear Traci,

    Congratulations ! I will forward this page to our cousin Bob,(Marie's son) who is a consultant for an insulation company here in (Madison,) WI.

  2. Hi Traci,
    Very cool! Another thing to remember after the leaks are all fixed - indoor air will need to be cleaned and refreshed with a multi-stage HEPA filtration unit that also provides negative ions for a healthier indoor environment.