Sunday, May 27, 2012

My Best Rich Ferguson Story

My Best Rich Ferguson Story

The first time I met my husband was at a Game Night that my roommate Chelsea and I attended. Chelsea met Rich at a entrepreneurs meet-n-greet a couple of weeks before. They struck up a conversation about each of them having frequent Game Nights at their houses. Chelsea and our girlfriends frequently held Game Nights at our house and it' turns out so did Rich. Rich and her talked about combining the two game nights together, boys and girls, at his place.

On the day of the Game Night I was having the worst possible day. I had everything wrong happening at the time and I did not want to go this party at Rich's. I told Chelsea to go without me and have a good time. She insisted and luckily, I went. I went with no intention of meeting anyone significant or cute. As part of my pity party on that day I decided to wear all back, no makeup and put my hair back in a pony tail. I told myself I was not going to have fun!

We arrive at the front door to Rich's place and you can hear all the guys talking in the house. I knock on the door and hear in a faint voice..." Come Iiiinnnn!.  I open the front door into the entry way to see a person falling down a flight of stairs with their body coming barreling at me. In that split second I wasn't thinking about not having a good time, I was in a panic to figure out how I am going to help this poor person after they hit the bottom of the stairs. I jump out of the way to let the body pass by me. Once it hit the cold tile floor it jumped up and I saw it was a man, completely fine. He popped up off the ground and said..." Hi!  I'm Rich!

I remember this moment so vividly, because I forgot I was having a bad day, I forgot about my pity party. All I was thinking was who is this wonderful person and what a sexy entrance that was. It was really dangerous and super Hot!!!

My husbands martial arts falling techniques come in handy to freak out any suspecting visitor then and now. So beware if you are coming to our house. :)
Thank you honey for making our life always spontaneous, fun, Hot and exciting. You are my best friend and I love you to pieces!

"A Realtor that knows homes."

Traci Ferguson

License #01875751, ecoBroker #16082

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