Saturday, November 20, 2010

San Luis Obsipo Home Energy Rating System (HERS), New for Buyers!

In San Luis Obsipo we have homes that are Green and made from Sustainable building materials.
The California Energy Commission has released the New Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Booklet. As an ecoBroker®, I am familiar with these homes and they typically have lower energy costs and utility bills, depending on what energy efficiency methods were used on the home.

As a new home owner looking to buy, what information on energy usage can you get for a home you're interested in purchasing? We'll there are new options open to you. The California Energy Commission has released the New Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Booklet.

Why is this GREAT?
1. Well you now have options to add energy efficient improvements at the time of sale. Improvements are completed through escrow and you move in with the new Energy Efficient features already in place.

2. There are options for financing energy efficient improvements and it explains where to find tax credits and rebate information. As your EcoBroker I can also help you with this as an option.

3. You can request utility bills from the existing owner to learn more about what to expect from your future home utility costs, make improvements and make the home more efficient before you move in.

This HERS Booklet is not a mandatory part of escrow or disclosures by an Realtor, but it will be a part of the mandatory Combined Hazards Booklet. As your ecoBroker I have the inside scoop on how to effectively gain more knowledge and put more money back into the buyers pocket through monthly utility savings.

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